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I have moved several times and being a single parent it has not always been easy with time and money dealing with movers. My latest endeavor I did some homework and started the mission well in advance using a more "grass roots" asking lots of different sources even randomly, a waitress and my cousins plumber which created a buzz of others asking around for me.

To my amazement I learned how powerful the source of just asking around is and how enlightened others get with sharing their experiences even making some friends along the way. This is how I learned about Ashline Moving in Latham, and from several unrelated people whom all had the same general experience, a small local business with real nice people who were found to be very helpful, easy to deal with and had great prices.

I contacted them in Feb., two months before I actually needed the move and I would say that call went very well. The gentleman I spoke with was polite and put everything in order detailing the legalities of how moving liability really works, something I was burned with by another mover. He also gave me helpful information such as 1. how to protect my mattress which took me two years to pay for and 2. the easiest way to move all my hanging clothes which I need for work and makes me nervous. He had me right there as I could tell they were real and I wanted to work with them.

I walked room by room and explained my items in detail all while he was writing up an estimate which later I received in an email with a quote. The quote came with a definite date and a price guarantee along with the owners private number and that really sealed the deal. It was slightly different from past moves in that I needed to rent my own truck but that was easily done on the phone and it guaranteed me the day and time I needed and also streamlined the insurance which I already had setting everything in motion.

This company has done a wealth of research to assist someone like me with a good size move and some expensive items. I was comfortable with all the transactions, found everything easy to schedule and they stayed in contact throughout. The guys picked up my moving truck that day, texted me in route, arrived shortly after and within 2 hours had my entire house loaded and more professionally than any other move.

These guys were fantastic, moved non stop and they were so nice. They put down protection on the new carpet, placed everything, set up the beds, connected the washer/dryer and stacked all the boxes correctly in 3.5 hours from start to finish.

They were very experienced movers. Ashline Moving gave me a great value along with the best move ever, no stress. I called the owner to compliment the movers and she explained how her family had been a local business for almost 100 years. She told me she was honored to do my move and that really blew me away which compelled me to write up my experience with the great people at Ashline Moving Co. I will tell everyone I know about them.
Nicole Avellino